1st January 2020

Happy New Year

Our team wishes you a happy new year.
With a glass of sparkling wine we start the new decade. We hope you had a happy new year and wish you a perfect New Year.
This year we will publish new services together with you, reach new milestones and make the year a perfect finishing touch.


What are the Hyrien Projects?

Here are our first building blocks of today Hyrien Incorporated. Started in August 2015 with the first season of Varo. With our in-house projects and larger projects, such as Hyro or the new project by Dustin G., we launch monthly has always been a project. With a quick click on "Apply now" at the bottom on the application page, you can sign up for a project and is always, no matter how many participants are there.

Attention. There are rules.

All players who commit a serious rule violation will be blacklisted. These players will be banned for all projects depending on the rule violation. The following rules lead to a player recording in the project backlist database:

  • -Hacking/Cheating
  • -Teaming
  • -Advertising/Spamming
  • -Heavy insults, racist content, etc.
image-snow image-hyro-xix

Our whole project list

Year 2015

August: Varo 1

November: Varo 2

December: Minecraft Wild West

Year 2016

January: Varo 3

February: Leben

March: Varo 4

April: Varo 5

May: Varo 6

August: Varo 7 - Skyblock Special

September: Community Server MazeFight

November: Varo 7

December: Varo 8

Year 2017

January: Varo 9

February: Minecraft Leben II

April: Minecraft Varo 10 - Special Edition

August: Minecraft Varo XI

October: Minecraft Hero

Year 2018

April: Minecraft Hyro XII - Easter Edition

June: Minecraft Hyro XIII

August: Minecraft Hyro XIV - Summer Edition

December: Minecraft Snow I.

Year 2019

January: Minecraft Hyro XA

February: Minecraft Hyro XVI - 1.12 Special

March: Minecraft Hyro XII

April: Minecraft The Legends of Life I.

May: Minecraft Hyro XVIII - Like a Chicken Special

June: Minecraft WildWest 2 - The resurrection

December: Minecraft Hyro XIX - 黄金周


A habitat for all

without that we breaking it. Change something today.

Rules for the Hyrien projects


1 » Explanation

In Hyro, teams are fighting against each other. A team consists of two players. The goal is to survive. The team which survives, win's! At the beginning, all teams are spawning in a circle. If a player dies, he'll be banned!

2 » World

  • 2.1 » The world has a size of 1200x1200 blocks.
  • 2.2 » The netherportal should not be damaged! Furthermore, you aren't allowed to build traps in and on it.
  • 2.3 » Trapping is allowed (except spawntraps).

3 » Players

  • 3.1 » Namechanges during the project are prohibited.
  • 3.2 » Players won't be resuscitated.
  • 3.3 » Every team is allowed to have a double chest, which nobody else can access.
  • 3.4 » Respectful treatment is duty!
  • 3.5 » Every form of teaming between different teams is prohibited!
  • 3.6 » Camping is prohibited.
  • 3.7 » The server only can be entered during 9am and 9pm.
  • 3.8 » On each day, you're only allowed to play fifteen minutes.
  • 3.9 » After the 10th episode, you're expected to have a fight.

4 » Forbidden items and mods

  • 4.1 » The notch-apple is forbidden. Furthermore, you aren't allowed to use a fishing-rod.
  • 4.2 » Potions of regeneration, fire-resistance, poison, night-vision, strenght or slowness aren't allowed.
  • 4.3 » Other Minecraft clients like Huzuni etc. except Optifine, LabyMod and the Hyperium-client are forbidden!
  • 4.4 » X-Ray-texturepacks are forbidden!
  • 4.5 » Hacks, cheats or bugusing is forbidden!
  • 4.6 » If you arrange for a fight, you aren't allowed to give false informations!


Infregements will be punished with strikes:

  • 1 strike = A warning
  • 2 strikes = Your inventory will get cleared
  • 3 strikes = Exclusion from the project

The administration will check the project for infrigements.

We're reserving us the right to change the rules at any time.
© Copyright Hyrien Incorporated


Global warming

Bad for all living beings. Change something now.


How are the players diced in the corresponding place?

The entire list consists of official statements of all Varo and Hyro seasons from Hyrien. For each win, which you achieve in Hyro you get three points. If you already died and your team member takes the victory, nevertheless obtained the three points. We obtain one point for each killed player. If you lose the relay, you won't get deducted any points.

The best players in Hyro

Rank Username Points Won Games Killed Players
1 SweetLastHello 45 8 21
2 LiryUHC 41 7 20
3 HyJonas 23 5 8
4 yskbuzz 10 2 4
5 Jowali 9 1 6
6 Erikey_ 8 1 5
7 DavidGJL 7 1 4
8 byLapus 6 1 3
9 dometea 5 1 2
10 byKontex 4 1 1