22nd November 2020

We are looking for you!

Our Minecraft team is looking for new team members.
Are you a programmer in the language Java and do you like to program plugins for a Minecraft server or come up with new and unique concepts or are you good at builder at the game Minecraft? Then we are looking for you. Apply now and be part of our team and set up a new Minecraft server.

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February 2021

Savage Games

The successor is here! It's a matter of life and death again. Who can make it and survive to the end and wipe out the opponents?
A lot can be achieved with a good strategy and a structured sequence. Different scenarios make the day difficult, collect as much as possible and survive to the end. Fight for you, your team and your community!


Hyro Winner



47 Points
8 Wins
23 Killed Players



57 Points
9 Wins
30 Killed Players



23 Points
5 Wins
8 Killed Players